Warehousing & Distribution

Our state-of-the art, temperature controlled and fully secured distribution centers and top of the line technology helps our customers in inventory management and supply chain management. By utilizing our warehousing and distribution program, your company will be able to optimize your logistics operations and gain a competitive advantage.

Delivery Service

We offer you the broadest range of delivery options: rush delivery, direct drive, car, truck, air. Based on your specifications, we can customize the solution that is right for you or you can choose from our menu of services that fits your schedule and budget.

Scheduled & Routed Delivery

Scheduled and routed deliveries are useful when you have time sensitive orders requiring a scheduled time for pickup and delivery for the ultimate convenience. Whether you need it for a couple of days in a week or multiple pickups and deliveries daily, we can customize the solution that can address your specific delivery challenge.

Our Service Makes the Difference and the Difference is in the Delivery

Xpressman Trucking and Courier, Inc. strives to deliver nothing less than the best service possible. Our mission is to maintain a solid and growing customer base through consistently superior service, distinguishing ourselves in the market as the most attentive, flexible, and cost effective option in accountable courier service. Xpressman will continue to increase technological capabilities, nurture a highly-trained staff, and work with each client to be their most reliable, efficient, cost-effective choice for courier service of any size, destination, or time-frame.

Customer Service

1Our superior quality customer service distinguishes us from the competition and has built a strong and growing client base of faithful and satisfied customers

On Time, Every time

2We have the flexibility and options to suit your business needs, and the reliability to get things where you need them, when you need them.

Transportation Management

3We offer personalized service from client to client, such as white glove service, warehousing & distribution, order scheduling & fufillment


4The investment we have made in technology helps our clients with delivery tracking, inventory management, and supply chain management

  • How Can Our Services Improve Your Business?

    We are your one stop shop for all your logistics needs. Our vast experience and product depth allows us to provide services in a variety of client focused areas. Whether extending your reach to patient and doctors or time sensitive deliveries for court filings, we can offer a solution to overcome your business specific challenges

    Printing – Legal – Health Care – Banking– Pharmaceutical – Retail

    Bio-Technology – Specialty – Manufacturing